1. Meet him
  2. Go to Stratford
  3. Meet his crew
  4. Meet Pattie
  5. Hug him
  6. Meet Alfredo
  7. Touch his hand
  8. Meet Kenny
  9. See him live in concert
  10. Kiss him under the mistletoe
  11. Be OLLG
  12. Touch his hair
  13. Watch “the notebook” with him
  14. Make him Smile
  15. Sing with him
  16. Kiss him
  17. Be his best friend
  18. Go to a soundcheck
  19. Play basketball with him
  20. Be in one of his music videos
  21. Smell him
  22. Buy “Under The Mistletoe”
  23. Sing “overboard” with him
  24. Hold hands with Justin
  25. Go to the Avon Theatre
  26. Make babies with him
  27. Sit front row in a concert
  28. Make a prank with him
  29. Go to McDonalds with him
  30. Cry on his shoulder
  31. Ride segways with him
  32. Play the guitar with him
  33. Tell him how much he means to me
  34. Buy “Someday”
  35. Go on tour with him
  36. Take a funny photo with him
  37. Take a photo with him
  38. Have a long talk with him
  39. Marry him
  40. Tell him I’ll always be a belieber
  41. Meet his grandparents
  42. Meet Jaden
  43. Take a picture in a photobooth with him
  44. Meet ryan
  45. Meet Scooter
  46. Look him in the eyes
  47. Meet Jazzy
  48. Being call “Shawty” by him
  49. Ask him for an autograph
  50. Have him follow me on twitter
  51. Meet Christian
  52. Get pranked by him
  53. Go to starbucks with him
  54. Meet Sean Kingston
  55. Kiss him under the rain
  56. Make him laugh
  57. Sit on his lap
  58. Catch something that he throws during the concert
  59. Have him say “Hi” to me
  60. Be able to blame something on Nolan
  61. Go to Tim Horton with him
  62. His lips on my lips
  63. Win the platinum ticket
  64. Tell him that I love him
  65. Put a mustache with him
  66. Thank him for inspiring me
  67. Tell him how many times he has save me
  68. Be the one he loves forever
  69. Get a “justin bieber” tattoo
  70. Say to him “te amo”
  71. Hear him sing to me
  72. Touch his abs
  73. How to the airport when he arrives
  74. Tell him how proud I’m of him
  75. Phone him
  76. Hear him sing “Down to Earth”
  77. Meet Caitlin
  78. Kiss his cheeck
  79. Say “I do” to him
  80. Get vip passes
  81. Be more than a fan to him
  82. Hold his hand
  83. Get him to notice me
  84. Watch the sunset with Justin
  85. Go to all the awards with him
  86. Fall asleep in his arms
  87. Tell him he’s amazing
  88. Wish him a happy birthday
  89. See him bits his lip when he meets me
  90. Become his world
  91. Touch his jawline
  92. Dance with him
  93. Spend a day with him
  94. Get his number
  95. Tell him how sexy he is
  96. Have him to teach you how to dougie
  97. Meet Jaxon
  98. Meet Chaz
  99. Meet Rihanna
  100. Be in the prayer circle with the crew
  101. Go to the bahamas with him
  102. Be with him on stage
  103. Meet Usher
  104. Meet Jeremy
  105. Pray with him
  106. Watch the stars with Justin
  107. Say “duck,duck,duck…quak,quak,quak….ZUUUMM” with him
  108. Meet Ryan Good
  109. Kiss his neek
  110. See him and Chris Brown perform next 2 you live
  111. Hug Kenny
  112. Ride in a hot air balloon with Justin
  113. Go shopping with him
  114. Go surfing with him
  115. Play video games with him
  116. Go bowling with him
  117. Have his babies
  118. Tell him how much he really means to me
  119. Remind him to stay kidrauhl
  120. I want Justin to kiss me on new years day under the fireworks
  121. Spray “someday” on him
  122. Cuddle with him
  123. Watch a scary movie with him
  124. Get him to hold my waist
  125. Be his girlfriend
  126. Get flowers from him
  127. Hang out with him
  128. Thanks Pattie for everything she’s done for Justin
  129. Play video games with Ryan and him
  130. Have him know my name
  131. Be his Shawty
  132. Wear one of his shirts
  133. Show him my Bieber Wall
  134. See him naked
  135. Sleep in the car with him
  136. See Justin and Miley work together again
  137. Be the reason for his smile
  138. Tell him I’ll support him no matter what
  139. Get a reply on twitter from him
  140. Kiss him when he win an award
  141. Take an instragram picture with him
  142. Go to Paris with Justin
  143. Have him teach me how to play the piano
  144. Be someone he can trust completely
  145. Have him call me beautiful
  146. Thank Scooter for finding Justin
  147. See him smelling pizza
  148. Be able to see the biggest smile on his face
  149. Hear his laugh
  150. Go on a date with him
  151. Say “thank you” to him for saving my life
  152. Meet Shawty Mane
  153. See him win a Grammy
  154. Spend christmas with him
  155. Wear his supras
  156. Rap with Shawty Mane
  157. Play water fight with him
  158. Show him my blog
  159. Dance the dougie with him
  160. Be someone he knows
  161. Take his last name
  162. Wear his near glasses
  163. Fuck him
  164. Tell him that he has changed my life
  165. Play ping-pong with him
  166. Stare into his eyes
  167. Take a cute photo with him
  168. Have him sing me “favorite girl” to me
  169. Make a hand heart with him
  170. Tell him how much swag he has
  171. Say “swag” with him
  172. Wear his jacket
  173. Suck his dick
  174. Spoong swag with him
  175. Have him tell me I’m his everything
  176. Listen to music with him
  177. Ring the cowbell with him
  178. Meet Drake
  179. Being call “Princess” by him
  180. Have him dedicate a song to me
  181. Go on his tour bus
  182. Have him make love to me
  183. Make funny faces with him
  184. Meet Derek
  185. Have first time with him
  186. Have him sing a song just for me
  187. Wear his glasses
  188. Have my first dance with him
  189. Be his Latin girl
  190. Play football with him
  191. Meet Selena
  192. Get a text from him
  193. Go to disneyland with him
  194. Sing with him “down to earth”
  195. Sit on the avon theatre steps with him
  196. Grab his ass
  197. Wear his grey hoodie
  198. Visit Canada with him
  199. Kiss Justin under the water